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If you suffer from awkward pouches of flabbage or a spare tire that just won’t quite, liposuction may be the answer. Liposuction is a plastic surgery operation that removes subcutaneous fat from targeted areas, leaving you a new, skinny you.

Are You A Good Candidate For Liposuction?

The first step to getting rid of the flab is to decide if you are a good candidate. Fat removal surgery isn’t just a quick and easy diet plan. This operation works on the areas that dieting and exercise just won’t get rid of.

Many of us try our best dieting and working out, only to find that little bits of our previous chubby selves remain here and there. No matter how you work it, you still end up with these leftovers. If this sounds like you, you are the perfect candidate for liposuction.

Some folks find that they have flab in weird areas like their necks, arms, ankles, calves and thighs. This gives the body an awkward shape all over, and it is unsightly. The biggest target area for liposuction is the belly. Fat accumulates easily around the abdomen as you get older, but doesn’t come off so easily. Fat removal surgery is the perfect way to contour your body.

The Key to Making Your Surgery Effective

You go in, get some anesthesia, the doctor pokes around, and finally…. You’re a new you! Now, life gets back to normal. Actually, there are lots of cases where people put the weight back on, and end up going back repeatedly. This costs money and is a major headache. Why not get the most out of your liposuction the first time?

It could take up to several months to recovery fully. Your doctor will give you special garments to wear, which will help the healing process. If these garments aren’t fitted just right, you may have trouble with the incisions healing correctly, and it will mean more doctor visits.

For the first few days, there will be drainage tubes. During recovery, the pain isn’t bad, but there is often some bruising and swelling which can be uncomfortable. After a couple of weeks, the incision scars harden. All of this is natural, so be patient until your body gets back into shape.

Your plastic surgeon will advise you on what to do, and the key is to follow their advice. Get your body healing right, and your liposuction will be a success.

Another important thing is to eat well and get exercise. At first, you will have to take it easy, and your doctor may ask you to not move around much. But, you’ll want to transition into a healthy lifestyle so that you can take care of your new body. Liposuction doesn’t mean that you can eat anything you want now! Not unless you want to flab to make a comeback.

Liposuction isn’t a quick and easy diet plan, but it is a wonderful way to contour your body. Plastic surgery offers you a great way to get the body you want. Let liposuction fight the flab and make you proud of your body again.


Source by Abigail Aaronson

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