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The advantage of a Gastric balloon is that it offers many advantages over dieting or other weight loss programmes.
Having a gastric balloon is a relatively simple procedure which does not require a general anaesthetic so there is far less risk of complication and as it is non-surgical it is also a completely reversible approach to weight loss.

A Gastric balloon is usually fitted for six months

During this six Months you will need to follow a gastric balloon diet which we will provide to you at the time of having the gastric balloon fitted at our Hospital

During the first week you will need to be on a liquid diet also advised to drink lots of water. After the first week you will be able to eat certain solid foods from a list we include in the diet plan which will aslo suggest a solid food and calorie intake recommendations. This regime is important to your future and to prepare you for maintaining weight loss after the gastric balloon is removed.
After 6 Months the gastric ballon will be removed by one of our surgeons and you will then be able to benefit from the weight loss knowing that you are now well prepared and able to continue to control your diet and calorie intake well in to the future.

To see if you qualify for a Gastric Balloon to help with your weight loss goals read the useful information below and then complete the FREE Information form to speak to one of our trained consultants in complete confidence and with not Obligation

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From £3450

Element 1

Arrive on day of procedure in France.

  1. Transfer from Eurostar Terminal or airport
  2. Consultation with Registered Surgeon
  3. Procedure You will be a “Day Patient” when a Gastric Balloon will fitted by our Surgeon.
  4. Evening 1 Night B & B in a Hotel (Patient and Companion Sharing).
  5. Day. 2 Return Transfer by Taxi for return trip Home
  6. A diet plan will be given to patient for this weight loss period.

Element 2*:-
Remove Balloon After 6 Month

Extraction of Balloon includes :-

  1. Taxi service Transfer from Eurostar Terminal or airport
  2. Remove Balloon as a “day patient” under sedation.
  3. Evening 1 Night B & B in a Hotel (Patient and Companion Sharing).
  4. Transfer by taxi for your return to the UK.
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